Pet Memorial Information

Losing a pet is one of the most challenging aspects of pet ownership. We have partnered with some of the best local Pet Memorial Services. We work closely with these companies to ensure that even after death, your dog gets the care and attention they deserve. Click on the company’s logo below to go to their website and learn more about what they can do for you.

Turner Pet Cremation

Turner Pet Cremation

Provide caring private cremation services for our pets. That means there is only one pet in the crematory at a time. Some crematories that operate in our area perform individual or separated cremations. There is a difference! Ask your provider! With Turner Pet Cremation, your pet is placed in the unit with no other pets. We offer various urns and jewelry, customized nameplates, lasered markers, and urns, among other commemorable products.

Dixie Memorial Services

Trust Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens for all your pet aftercare arrangements. Our pet cemetery was established in 1992 in loving memory of Dixie, Barbara Wells’s beloved silky terrier. What started as a small memorial to Dixie has now grown to a 23-acre pet cemetery outside Millington, TN. Our special memorial gardens are home to loving memorials for service animals and our favorite companions in Shelby County.

Dixie memorial service
Peebles pet services

Peebles Pet Services

Our family-owned and operated pet service center is dedicated to serving your entire family. We realize that pets are an essential part of family circles. Pets are unconditionally loyal companions that profoundly touch our lives. Because pets bring us such happiness, love, and joy, it can be devastating to lose such an adored friend. At Peebles Pet Services, we offer an affordable, dignified, and compassionate service to all who have experienced the loss of a pet.