Pet Preventive / Wellness Care

At Kelsey Canine Medical Center, we believe in the power of wellness! Early detection of diseases goes a long way in helping to treat them. This is why we encourage dog owners to have a complete yearly physical for their dogs. Our Annual Physical Packages include a comprehensive physical examination by the veterinarian, routine lab work to monitor major organ function (just like what you have at the doctor), a heartworm test, an intestinal parasite screen (fecal test), and your dog’s necessary vaccinations.

We believe in not over-vaccinating our patients and utilize a 3-year rotating schedule of core vaccines. To encourage the best possible care, we recommend our senior patients (those 7 years of age and older) receive a second physical exam during the year to maximize the possibility of early detection. We pride ourselves in using the nose-to-tail method when thoroughly examining our patients.
closeup of black and white dog