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Monday - Friday
7 am to 5:30 pm

Sat, Nov 07 - Open
Sat, Nov 14 - Closed
Sat, Nov 21 - Open
Wed, Nov 25 - 1/2 Day
Thu, Nov 26 - Closed
(Turkey Day)
Sat, Nov 28 - Closed

Sat, Dec 05 - Open
Sat, Dec 12 - Closed
Sat, Dec 19 - Open
Thu, Dec 24 - 1/2 Day
Fri, Dec 25 - Closed (Christmas)
Sat, Dec 26 - Closed
Thu, Dec 31 - 1/2 Day

Early morning drop-offs
begin at 7 am

Surgeries are performed
on a portion of Tuesday and
Friday mornings.



Proud owner of a cuddly new puppy? Have a look at our puppy training video for information to get you started out on the right paw.

View the dental experience video to see one of our dental cleaning procedures.

What happens during surgery? Have a look at the surgery experience at the Kelsey Canine Medical Center.

Weight Management

Nearly one-third (33%) of all adults in the United States are obese. Unfortunately, this same number now applies to our dogs. Obesity leads to several diseases both in dogs and people. Our veterinarians are available to help you choose the right diet to keep your dog happy, healthy and active. (read more)

Your Collierville veterinarian can help keep your dog healthy and active.

Selecting a Dog Breed

How big will an Afghan Hound grow? How much exercise does a Jack Russell Terrier need? What kind of health problems are common for a Basenji? Will a Yorkie be a good pet for my kids? We are pleased to offer a new section on our website where you can research breeds and find a dog that fits your lifestyle. Check it out right here!


Library & Links

Do you have questions about animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior, or safety? Visit out online library to learn more about a health issue concerning your pet.

Also, check our our links page for other informative sites.


Announcing Online Store & Pharmacy

The staff at Kelsey Canine is excited to announce the opening of our very own online store and pharmacy! Our online store allows you to shop for your dog's medications and preventative products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you have an internet connection. Shipping is fast (usually 3-4 business days) and FREE for orders over $49. Your order ships directly to your home, ready to use. You can even set up automatic shipments to make sure you never run out of your dog's medications. Perhaps best of all, our online prices compete with the prices of other online pet pharmacies!

Kelsey Canine's online store and pharmacy is truly an extension of our in-clinic pharmacy, and all products are fully backed by the manufacturer's guarantees. You can be assured that you are receiving authentic, safe products, and are still supporting your dog's veterinarian, just like you were buying products here at the clinic! Our online store stocks a wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications, preventatives (such as those for heartworms, fleas, and ticks), and prescription diets.

Simply click on the "Pet Pharmacy" tab at the top of the page. When you get to the storefront, click "Home Delivery" to start shopping! If you have any questions about this new and exciting service, please call us at 901-861-BARK(2275).

A Welcome Message From Dr. Kelsey

ProHeart 6 Announcement

Have you ever missed or been late on your monthly heartworm medication? If you’re like me, you’ve done it a few times. I am excited to announce that we are now carrying ProHeart 6, an injectable heartworm prevention that lasts continuously for 6 months! With ProHeart 6, you don’t ever have to remember to give your dog a monthly pill again. With ProHeart 6, dogs must be older than six months and younger than seven years to start this product. We’ll also perform a heartworm test at no charge at the time of the first injection and six months later to ensure the product guarantee. If you’d like more information on Proheart 6, visit Pfizer’s website

Under 25 lbs -$39
26-50 lbs - $51
51-100 lbs - $65
100-125 lbs - $99.50
Over 125 lbs - $126.50

For just a few dollars more than a six month supply of heartworm pills you get peace of mind and convenience of knowing your dog is protected continuously for six months. Call 861- BARK (2275) and schedule your quick appointment today to start your dog on ProHeart 6!

Dr. Kelsey and the Staff of Kelsey Canine

Kelsey Canine Medical Center

We are the first veterinarians in our area devoted solely to the health of dogs. In fact, we are one of the first canine only practices in the United States. With numerous advances occurring every day in veterinary medicine, the focus on a single species allows us to practice at a higher level. You'll find that our staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. Our phone number (861-BARK) tells you how interested we are in being your dog's veterinarian.

Health Insurance For Man's Best Friend

As your Collierville veterinary healthcare provider, we believe one of our roles is to educate you in all aspects of veterinary medicine. As a result, our staff has recently been researching and discussing the current options available in pet insurance. Our goal in this article is to provide a good overview on the topic as well as offer several of the top pet insurance providers. (read more)

New Puppy Visits

As soon as you get your puppy home, it is important to have a veterinarian evaluate the health of your new family member. In fact, we recommend that breeders give you at least 72 hours for you to bring your new puppy in to see us in order to ensure a healthy puppy. (read more)

Your Collierville veterinarian recommends new puppy visits for all dogs.

Guidelines for Purchasing a New Puppy

Whether the kids have been begging you all year for a cute puppy or whether you’ve been considering a dog for its great companionship, there are several tips to follow before plunging into a lifetime commitment. Collierville veterinarian Dr. Robert Kelsey offers this advice before you consider the purchase of a new puppy. (Download this article)


Dr. Kelsey's Blog

Check out Dr. Kelsey's Blog for news, tips, and informative newsletters that you can use to enhance the lives of your canine companion.


We Love Dogs!!

Our phone number says it all. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.




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In The News

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Kelsey Canine Medical Center participated in Pet Day at the YMCA Schilling Farms September 17, 2011

A nice way to cool off during the hot summer of 2011! Here are a few photos from our summer ice cream social 2011

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We celebrated with a grand
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Ruff-erral Program

When one of our loyal clients refers another person to our practice, we like to take time to say thank you. Anytime you refer a friend, neighbor, or coworker to us, we will send you a gift from our referral program. (read more)


Behavioral Counseling

We can provide advice on a wide range of dog behavioral problems including aggression, obedience, house training/crate training, and separation anxiety. (read more)